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Empowering females to overcome their limiting beliefs and succeed in life.

Apr 30, 2019

Here are 3 tips and tricks to help you let go of the approval life, so that you can live your authentic life! You only get the one life, so why live it for approval?

Apr 23, 2019

Did you know that when you live your life for approval you are actually spending MORE energy and effort than you would if you lived a more authentic life?!

Apr 16, 2019

In EVERYTHING that you do through this life make sure that you are being true to yourself and not doing it so the people around you can approve. You need to make yourself happy. If you live for approval, you will actually be living a miserable life.

Apr 9, 2019

Are you practicing being authentic in your life today?

Apr 2, 2019

Get connected spirituality and get disconnected with the doubters and haters.